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In the late 1980s, two brothers from the wrong side of the track turned up at a Melbourne skate park – and astonished spectators with their acrobatic feats. When they headed to America, Tas and Ben Pappas soon found themselves in epic skate combat with rival Tony Hawk. Their raging and uninhibited story of life in the ultra fast-lane is told with wide array of archival footage and Tas’ first-person interview from a prison cell recounting his epic, cautionary rise-and-fall tale.

Deluxe Edition Includes:

-15 Deleted Scenes

-The Making of the Trick Featurette (5 min)

-Shredding Against The World Featurette (9 min)

DIRECTED BY – Eddie Martin

PRODUCED BY – George Pank, Eddie Martin & James Gay-Rees

2014 – 104 mins – UK/Australia




Legendary skateboarded Tas Pappas explains how he pulled off some of the most ambitious tricks of all time.


explore the family archive


Experience the intense fraternal bond between Ben and Tas and their journey to the pinnacle of their sport chronicled in these vintage photos.




Tas Pappas takes on Tony Hawk at the 1996 Triple Crown finals in this exclusive clip from All This Mayhem.

"Rollercoaster Material… Leaves You Stirred, Shaken & Moved"

Kevin Harley

-Total Film

"Throbs With Skate Culture’s Lawless Spirit & Fresh, Aggressive Honesty"

Simon Crook

-Empire Magazine

About the film

ALL THIS MAYHEM is the honest, uninhibited story of two Australian brothers – Tas and Ben Pappas – who rose from Australian outsiders to become the highest ranked skateboarders in the world, renowned among skaters to this day. 

On the surface, ALL THIS MAYHEM is a documentary about skateboarding. A closer look will show you a tale of brothers who share an intense bond that not only propels them to the pinnacle of their sport, but also proves their undoing in this tragic story of Shakespearian proportions.